Taste of ccc

Taste of Christ Community Church

August 26th, 2018

If you would like to know more about Christ Community Church then please come along to our next 'Taste'. It'll be a chance to learn more about our church, meet some others and find out how to connect. 16 Burrumbuck Street Chapel Hill. Dinner included.

Single minded

Single Minded

September 22nd, 2018


SINGLE MINDED is a conference about singleness but for everyone. It aims to:

ENCOURAGE SINGLE CHRISTIANS in their gospel maturity, contentment and service.

EQUIP MARRIED CHRISTIANS (including ministers) to better love and pastor the single members of their Christian family.

Do all this by TEACHING WHAT THE BIBLE REALLY SAYS about singleness.

The event will be live-streamed at David and Gayle Krishnarajah's home, in Taringa. Lunch and morning tea will be provided.

Word one to one

Getting Started Reading the Bible with a Friend

October 8th, 2018

We all know that as Christians we are called to be a part of The Great Commission – sharing the Good News about Jesus with those around us.

Few of us have any problems with the idea. But few of us know how we really go about doing it and often we assume it’s a job for the evangelist or ‘professional’ Christians at church.

The Word One to One is a resource that helps you walk through John’s Gospel with your friends. As you turn the pages with them they’ll see what the Bible says about who Jesus is, and what He came to do, and you’ll slowly start to see it transform their lives. Almost everyone who shares the Bible in this way is asked ‘Why has nobody ever shown me this before?’

There is no formal training needed to use The Word One to One. The Word One to One includes all the answers, making it accessible for anybody to use, regardless of intellectual or theological training.

That said, we have set this time aside to look at it together, see how a typical meeting might look and even practice going through some pages of it together.

Come join us - excited about how God can use His Word and you in His work to change someone's life now and for an eternity to come.

'We can’t all be Bible teachers, but we can all be Bible sharers.'
Rico Tice

**If you can't make this time, but would be interested in such a session, please email andrew@christcommunity.org.au.


Just Walk Across the Room - Simple Steps to Sharing your Faith training

October 21st - October 21st, 2018


Friends, if your desire to “go” and reach out to the people around you is strong, but you find yourself perpetually stuck in “stay” mode, this “Just Walk Across the Room” video study is for you.

We are going to spend four weeks together being inspired and assisted with ideas on how we can be part of God’s gracious work in the lives of our friends, family and neighbours who don’t yet know Him. In addition to having some unexpected fun, I think you’ll come away from the experience anxious to “go” in ways you’ve never before dreamed.

When: We will be running this study twice each Sunday (at St Ignatius):
- Session 1 is 11:00am - 12:15pm;
- Session 2 is 5:00pm - 6:15pm.

The first session will be on Sunday 21st October, and continue weekly thereafter.

Cost: $10 includes workbook.

Pre-work: It is possible to do this course without completing any pre-work, however to make the most of it, you should allow 1 hour per week for pre/post session activities.

It is not essential, but it is ideally recommended to also purchase “Just walk across the room” by Bill Hybels and read it alongside this study. This is a very engaging book, with many examples, stories and illustrations. You could purchase and read this book after the course is complete as another option.

For more information see Andrew Faulkner or email andrew@christcommunity.org.au

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Christianity Explored (Next course date for 2018 is TBA - register your interest)

February 4th - February 25th, 2019

Christianity Explored is a 4 week course that gives you the time and space to think about the big questions of life and to consider the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith—Jesus Christ. It might be the best news you’ve ever heard!

The sessions usually run on a Monday night from 7:15 to 9:15 and will include:

Food, drink and a time to chat and relax
Time for you to find out for yourself what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and the meaning of life.
A short DVD or talk focusing on a part of Jesus’ life.
A discussion time, when you can ask questions or sit and listen to others.

You can say as much or as little as you like. And don’t worry— you’ll never be asked to sing, pray or read aloud. You don’t need to know anything about the Bible either. And if you need to miss a week, that’s ok too.


Each week the focus is on a different aspect of Jesus’ life, and of our lives.
In the four sessions of this course we’ll be exploring:

What are we doing here?
Who is Jesus?
Why did Jesus come?
Why did Jesus die?

The course also works through Mark’s Gospel, one of the life stories of Jesus found in the Bible.

We expect you'll find the time both engaging and helpful, but you can pull out any time you like, for any reason.

We haven't yet locked in the next date for this course - but register your interest by emailing andrew@christcommunity.org.au and we'll let you know once it is confirmed.

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Resource Bookstore

January 1st, 2020


'Registering' here enables you to make payment for books out of the church resource library. If you want to see all that is available, come into the church office. When 'registering' select the corresponding 'add-on' for the book you want to purchase.